Saturday, January 21, 2012

Neither Aggrieved, Nor Disappointed.


"Behave yourself." This word are certainly interfere my brain to think seriously on it from yesterday. Either to be silent or really comes to understand what the means as possible. I got many things to think about, and now I do have problems with my life.

Firstly, I tend to not have any ideas to solve on it. Second, I tend to procrastinate all work around me and  sure my friends. Sorry. And then, I do not have any ideas on what people ask me to change my attitude. No use crying over the split milk.

Last verse dari arwah Izwan Pilus betul-betul menyedarkan hari aku which is "Life is short, LIVE IT. Love is rare, GRAB IT. Anger is bad, DUMP IT. Fear is awful, FACE IT. Memories is sweet, CHERISH IT." Great huh!

From Miri with love berpesan, "Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be." And if one day I can't to be what them want me to be, have a look on yourself first as you wish to be.

I sayang  you tetapi permintaan untuk berubah menjadi orang lain, agak sukar di situ. Andai you tahu betapa sakitnya otak I berfikir to think positively, mungkin I akan jadi orang yang sangat bahagia. Wanita yang paling bahagia.

But if respect is lost, nothing remains. Because the more respect, the more the disappointment. Then praise to Allah for awake me for today and give me a pretty happy face sure. Then if you would like to see my apologize. Just wait till I done my entry. And if I can't do it, forgive me. 

For people I love out there, I want to become someone you can rely on, someone who's strong. Yeah, I am trying on it. But when it is come down for thousand of it thousands, and then come down for thousands of is million. I will never forgive you. 

We're lucky to be alive today. but we're not guarantee what might happen next time. And I don't know which side I stand for neither aggrieved nor disappointed. What to do? I prefer to silent and keeps smile. Because smile is the simple way to make good first impression. Kalau tengah sedih, terasa hati, marah or else pun no ones really know sebab senyum will cover our real face. 

Last but not less, jangan lah bersedih di atas keinginan orang atau permintaan orang lain tetapi bersabar lah. Airmata tidak abadi, kering suatu masa nanti. Percayalah. Uh! Bunyi ayat aku macam aku ni pandai motivasi diri la sangat kan? Piraaahhhh pirana. Nak mampos. And aku tak tahu aku nak point kan apa dalam entry ni. I have no time to hating you ma.

Jangan translate my word kat google translate ye. I know I have problem with my grammar huh! Oh, please. Well, bye.

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  1. Teruslah tersenyum walaupun hati menangis... :-)

    Ehh, apa maksud Za yang Za tak nampak akak buat entry tu ehh...? Akak kurang faham lak.. That's why i'm asking.. Takpe kan akak tanya kat sini..?