Saturday, April 21, 2012

Especially For You, Allah !

Assalamualaikum, dear Allah.

I am not tough enough for loving and hurting on him. The one I used to love.

You know, I used to love him so much. He's the first man that I've ever loved. And I thought that he loved me too. But then.

Things started to change. I realized that he didn't even love me. For him, I was no more than his possession. I had to listen to him and let him go now.

For eight years Allah, I tried to put up to admire him and last year make me likes human being. I am really put up myself on him. I was hoping that he could love me and never make me jealousing on his girlfriend at all, that he could finally love me for real. But I was just stupid. Yeah, I know I'm not.

I am yours, Allah.
It's not the same things happen. It's become too worst. Too much hurting than caring or maybe loving.

This time I'll let him go. Insyaallah.

Dear my lovely Allah, thanks for giving me the good way and concern to write this for you. I wish to get rid of it. I love you. Bye


  1. Wishing you an happiness and be more patient...

  2. 8 years??who is that man?????