Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Terima Kasih


There's a lot of things happen and changed. But then, I have to thanks everything in my life. And sure, I am thanks upon Allah that never turn me down. He never blame me while I really need to share my illness. The most important thing is I am really trust on Him. Thanks for giving me a lot of strength. You are the best and I love you. Number one for me is you, my dear ALLAH. Insyaallah. That's because I do write the letter last night for you. I don't really know why I am doing such things like this. But Allah, I think I'm free and feel much free no worried at all while doing that. Seriously! You the breath that I take, and I believe you done give me a lot of surprise that give me smile after all.

Okay, terima kasih juga saya ucapkan kepada ibu yang membesarkan saya dengan kasih sayang yang tidak mungkin saya mampu pulangkan semula kasih sayang itu. Ibu, jika di bandingkan kesedihan dan kesakitan yang ibu tanggung, maka akan saya katakan bahawa "engkau wanita terhebat pernah aku jumpa". Dengan nasihat dan dorongan anda untuk beberapa minggu ini benar-benar mengubah segala kesusahan saya oh ibu. Thanks. Sukar untuk saya bermadah di sini tetapi trust me, I only have one mother that can love me much by your sincere care. I really miss your hug. Seriously ibu, saya sangat tidak kisah jika setiap hari mendengar bebelan ibu tatkala kepenatan. But I also know that you also letih for giving me strength all times. Thanks. Terima kasih ibu sebab masih membenarkan saya tersenyum hanya dengan gurauan anda semalam. Terima kasih. I lose my appetite and hoping less. Miss you mother. I will give you everything. 

Yet, I want to thanks my eldest sister for letting me back home soon. Thanks. Setiap hari dengan membaca mesej yang kakak bagi boleh mengalirkan air mata kepayahan adikmu di sini. No one can replace you in my life. Hoping you full of iman and takwa. Amen. Hopefully, we will meet again by my mid term's holiday. Kamek sayang kitak! 

I like to put up my smile to my friends. Especially, my beautiful friend named Rosnah for give me nice mouthing during my conflict of expression. Thanks for let your shoulder as my soft pillow last week. Percayalah kawan, tiada lain yang mampu aku ucapkan dengan senyuman di bibir yang hanya Allah ketahui maksudnya. I miss you hadis sound. Really. By du'a I want you have a nice life whole time used to be. Amen. If someone hurt you, that's mean I am really hurt too. By seeing you cry, it's hurt me. Seriously! Sorry kerap kali menyusahkan awak!

For someone else, thanks a lot! For remind me with your nice calender date. For my teacher, thanks cause let me share everything tough here. To my diary, I will never give a word anymore cause I have Allah for let me share everything. And for someone out there, thanks because hurt me so much. How much the pain you give, I only hope you will be the great person with Allah and please don't talk nice word cause you will be very not you. I'm frustration to let myself sick like this. Thanks. And goes to my problem, until the end of my life. I will never rid the best to solve you. But trust me, I will be new one to kill you. 

Oh yes, dear April. Please move faster, I really waiting for my May bud. Because I am waiting for my June. I want to spent a lot of my time with my close family. Insyaallah. I will give the best thing if masih di dunia ini untuk ibu, ibu, ibu dan juga ayah di sana. Please, wait for me. And give me respond if my entry hurting anyone there.


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