Monday, August 27, 2012

Remind me if I am a forgetful being. And thanks.


Pemanis kata : “Kata orang, meminta biarlah pada yang sudi agar budi yang diberi akan dibahasa. Maka merajuklah pada yang sayang, supaya sayang di bajai dengan manja.” 

On behalf : To love someone is something, to be loved by someone is exciting, but to be loved by Allah is everything, Allah loves all of us. That’s why we are here. When I feel too much, I feel lost. But Allah makes me strong. Allah does not ask us to be the best because we are the best creation. Allah just ask us to do our best. When we can’t do something, don’t worry. That’s mean we are really can’t do it but Allah wants us to give more effort. Please don’t compare ourselves with others, you are trying to ruin your all life by thinking stupid things. Be yourself! Get lose on their eyes. And sure, what is life? Life is all about our choices. Once you choose the right thing, then your life gonna be fine and soon be better than you think. Once you choose the wrong one, your life will be no return. Sometimes, sorry means goodbye. And I know, no one have the power to make things perfect, but everyone has been given countless chance to make things right. I believe. Never sorry your wrong choice. Get death.

And I have a some tips to create life on : 

1. Stop acting selfish. Try to put yourself in other’s shoes for the change. Yet try starting the conversations by asking after your friend and listen to what he/she want to say. Let them. 

2. Offer someone plenty of advice and encouragement in what they are done before. 

3. Trust everybody without much question. Be fine. 

That’s all. Simple and easy to follow. Take your hand up and stay pray. Insha Allah, we will find better journey to hunter the really live. Last and not less, please don’t workship Allah to give you. Workship Allah to please only Allah. Once Allah pleased, Allah never leaves and sure give you please too. Proudly remember, Allah doesn’t expect you to be perfect. He expects you to try your best to be as close as you can, to perfection. Allahumma Ya Allah.

Almost last : Please do du’a for my family of cause for my lovely parents. Forgive me and my parents. And to whoever enters my house as a believer and forgive all believers both men and women, and do not increase the wrong-doers in anything except perdition. 

Thank you. Ameen. Bye


  1. Such a good reminder for me as well :) thank you za..

    the point is, usaha dulu. itu yang penting. macam nak skor exam jugaklah. usaha dulu, study sampai lebam, then apa yg kita dapat itulah yg terbaik utk kita :)

  2. agreed with this!

    just follow your heart to wherever it leads you (as long as it leads to islam. and I hope that it will leads you to The Almighty always :)

  3. Terima kasih peah... and evagurl izma... InshaAllah... I will try the best way to find this successful life... InshaAllah... Thanks

  4. trust everybody??
    have a felt betrayal before??
    do you know how pain it is??

    before lay a trust on someone, u should know'em first..

  5. I just don't know. Sometime, stay positive is the best way to keep better life. Not really good way actually. At all. Yeah, I have major trust issues

  6. Percaya pada diri...InsyaAllah semua berjalan lancar... ^_^